Conference ‘The interface between movement disorders and technology’

Conference ‘The interface between movement disorders and technology’

The expertise center for movement disorders of the University Medical Center Groningen and ZiuZ Visual Intelligence organize The interface between movement disorders and technology’ conference in Leeuwarden. The conference will take place on Thursday 18 november 2021 at the beautiful Campus Fryslân building of the University of Groningen at the Wirdumerdijk 34 in Leeuwarden.

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Content of the conference

The conference will address the intersection of medical and technical aspects of movement disorders. Different themes, such as wearables, brain networks, and gait analysis will be included in the program with reference to clinical syndromes such as tremor, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy. For each theme a medical and a technical keynote speaker will give a lecture and new insights on developments in industry will be addressed. The conference will finish with drinks and a grand tour of the Fries Museum. The full conference program can be found below, and might be subject to change. The conference will be in Leeuwarden the Netherlands, but in case of many interested and depending on the covid-19 measure it will also be possible to be present digitally.

We invite participants to send in an abstract for the poster session. The best five abstracts will be granted free entrance to the conference.

Conference program

9.00 – 9.30





9.30 – 9.40

Sybrand Buma

Opening and welcome to Leeuwarden

Mayor of Leeuwarden

9.40 – 10.05

Marina de Koning-Tijssen

Next Move in Movement Disorders

Neurological perspective

Professor Neurology, UMCG

10.05 – 10.30

Ioannis Giotis

Next Move in Movement Disorders

Artificial Intelligence perspective

R&D Engineer, ZiuZ

10.30 – 10.55

Elin Haf Davies

How to bring movement disorders related techniques to the market

CEO, Aparito, Wrexham, UK

11.00 – 11.15

Coffee break



Measuring brain networks in movement disorders


11.20 – 11.50

Rick Helmich

Imaging in tremor

Neurologist, RadboudMC

11.50 – 12.20

Andrea Kühn


Professor Neurology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

12.25 – 12.55




12.55 – 13.25

Poster session




13.30 – 13.55

Bert Otten


Technical perspective

Professor in Human Movement Sciences, UMCG

13.55 – 14.20

Álvaro Sánchez-Ferro

Wearables in Parkinson’s Disease

Clinical perspective

Neurologist, Hospital HM Puerta del Sur, Madrid, Spain

Gait analysis in Cerebral Palsy



14.20 – 14.35

Wieke Eggink

Fenotyping in CP

Postdoc and Neurologist in training, UMCG

14.35 - 15.00

Annemieke Buizer

CP gait analysis

Clinical perspective

Professor of pediatric rehabilitation medicine, VUmc, Amsterdam

15.00 – 15.25

Jaap Harlaar

CP gait analysis

Technical perspective

Professor in Clinical biomechanics, TU Delft & ErasmusMC

15.30 – 15.45

Coffee break



Measurements in eye movement disorders


15.50 – 16.05

Frans Cornelissen

Visual neuroscience

Professor Visual Sciences, UMCG

16.05 – 16.30

Alessandro Grillini

Eye movement diagnostics applications Founder and Managing Director of Reperio

16.30 – 17.00

David Zee

Eye movement disorders

Professor Neurology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA

17.00 – 17.10




17.15 – 20.00

Drinks and tour Fries museum



After the scientific program we would like to take you on a tour through the Fries Museum. This tour will address the Frisian history and the eleven cities of the eleven city ice-skating tour.



As the capital of the Northern Dutch province of Fryslân, the city of Leeuwarden (known as ‘Ljouwert’ by the locals) is the cultural and economic centre of the region. Surrounded by nature and water, Leeuwarden is a place where business, education and government work together towards an innovative and renewable society.
Hosting 5 campuses and 33.000 students, the city has a strong foundation for its knowledge and innovation-driven economy.  Particularly, its excellence in water technology has earned Leeuwarden the title of European Capital of Water Technology. Complemented with a strongly developed dairy and food sector the city offers an active economic community. Having been named one of Europe’s hidden gems by Lonely Planet, Fryslân has only recently begun to come out of its shell. The title of European Capital of Culture in 2018 is testimony to the rich cultural life Leeuwarden has to offer.

During that year several activities were organized in and around the city. One of the highlights was the giants that wandered around the city in the summer of 2018.The inner city of Leeuwarden is characterized by cozy streets surrounded by cafe-lined canals and bicycles.  An inevitable part of the city image of Leeuwarden is the Oldehove tower, which is also referred to as ‘Pisa tower of the North’.  

A key component of culture in Leeuwarden is the Frisian language, which is the second official language spoken in the Netherlands. Another part inherently related to Friesland is the Eleven City ice-skating tour . This is the biggest ice-skating tour, consisting of a route of 200 kilometers which passes through eleven Frisian cities. Leeuwarden is both the starting point and final destination of the route. Indoor ice-skating in Leeuwarden is also possible at the Elfstedenhal. Leeuwarden has lots of highlights and hotspots. Explore Leeuwarden! Get your inspiration at