Education and internships

Education and Internships

We value educating young clinicians, neurologists and movement disorder specialists. That is why we offer a varied educational programme on each level of university education. There are educational possibilities for students from the University of Groningen, but we also offer internships to students, PhD students and neurologists from elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad. These internships range from several weeks to complete one-year fellowships.

Students are invited to attend the specialised and multidisciplinary outpatient clinics. They are also welcome to attend the weekly grand rounds for inpatients in the UMCG. Students can also attend clinical neurophysiological recordings, botulinum toxin outpatient clinics and neurosurgical procedures.

Our meetings focus to a large extent on education. On Mondays, there is the weekly Movement Disorders video session, which focuses on clinical phenotyping, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of the various movement disorders. On Fridays, we have a science meeting, where we discuss a variety of studies about movement disorders.

If you are interested in an internship at Movement Disorders in the UMCG, please contact Mw. N. Tuinman.