We have noticed that many of our patients have extraordinary talents. For example, they can create beautiful works of art. Within the Movement Disorders Expertise Centre Groningen, we would like to focus on what people can do very well. By exhibiting the talents of our patients, we also hope to inspire others. Developing your talents is fun and also a good way to gain more self-confidence.

Here you can see some great examples of the talents of patients with movement disorders! If you are viewing this page on your phone, please rotate it horizontally/transversely so that the photos come out well.

If you would also like to show something creative, sporty or artistic, please contact us. There is plenty of room.

I am Ruben. I have a movement disorder so I may not be able to do much with my hands, but I love Lego and drawing. Because I enjoy it so much I will continue to do this as long as possible. Together with my best friend we come up with the craziest stories and then make a stop motion movie. That is quite difficult with my condition, but we use a toothpick to make the dolls move.

Ruben also likes drawing. Here you can see some of his drawings, he uses graph paper because that gives him some direction.


My name is Jelle van Kleef, 28 years old and living in Gouda. A few years ago, I came to the policlinic in the UMCG where I had an appointment with a number of doctors. I don't remember how it was mentioned, but I told them that I would be exhibiting my paintings. I paint in the style of Bob Ross, which takes quite a lot of strength. That's quite a challenge, because I have dystonia. Many people don't expect me to paint like this when I tell them that. To be honest, I didn't expect it either the first time.

It started with me feeling very uncomfortable. I didn't dare to go anywhere any more and at some point my parents were at their wits' end and we decided to seek help. A good friend of mine then spoke these words: "Go and paint, that can help you to see what is going on in your head". Me? I can't do that. "Yes, you can!" She put me on the spot, she had brought her own painting materials. It really took three hours before I dared to put my brush to the canvas. Very bad in my eyes, but my friend was very proud. 

I thought I should challenge myself, so I enrolled in an evening course in Bob Ross. I, not only me, was astonished by the result afterwards. This was 2014. After that I painted ten more paintings, some of which you can see here. One painting takes me about 3 hours to complete. It takes an incredible amount of energy, but the result is more than worth it. I never thought that I had creativity in me and that it could help me so much to appreciate myself more and more. Painting has sparked my creativity and I am now working in the creative sector. Namely as an AV Specialist. Unfortunately I have little time for my paintings, but maybe in the future again!


Below you can see examples of the diverse art projects of André Hinnen, who has made all kinds of different objects over the years, despite his dystonia.

Church in brown chamotte clay and roof in grey chamotte clay unfired. In the photo on the right the church is fired and glazed.












Wood-fired pizza oven made of vermiculite with a wheeled base.










The Cheese Maker is made of wax and then cast in zinc with lead compound.