Education and internships


During an “etalagestage”, a neurologist in training can become acquainted with movement disorders throughout the entire spectrum of the neurological specialism. Movement disorders have been an important area of ​​attention for the Neurology department in Groningen for many decades. The group currently consists of three neurologists: Prof. M.A.J. de Koning-Tijssen,  Prof. H.P.H. Kremer and Prof. T van Laar, two clinical neurophysiologists: Dr. J.W.J. Elting and Dr. M.E. van Egmond, two neurosurgeons: Prof. J.M.C. van Dijk and Drs. D.L.M. Otterdoom, a fellow, specialized nurses and physician assistants.

An important aspect of the movement disorders specialism is the phenomenology and the ability to recognize and distinguish symptoms. The large number of patients who have been specially referred to the UMCG for a second and third opinion with symptoms such as Parkinsonism, dystonia, myoclonus, tremor, ataxia, hereditary spastic paraparesis, chorea, tics and various functional movement disorders, allow for adequate clinical experience with these disease entities. Due to the complexity of the referred cases, one also gains extensive knowledge of all non-motor aspects that can occur in movement disorders, such as cognitive and psychiatric disorders. A multidisciplinary poli movement disorder in children has recently started. In addition to being a tertiary referral center, the UMCG also performs an important regional function for the 3-4 northern provinces.

During the internship there is sufficient opportunity to become proficient in the interpretation of additional studies (various imaging modalities, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, and molecular diagnostics). Furthermore, one can study different treatments, such as botuline toxin injections for dystonia, drug treatment of all movement disorders, including apomorphine and intrajejunal levodopa therapy in M. Parkinson, and deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease, tremors and dystonia. There are several meetings per week, including a video discussion of all patients seen at the outpatient clinic, research / literature review and a monthly multidisciplinary deep brain stimulation meeting. Active participation in a research project is encouraged.

For more information about the possibility of an “etalagestage” in the UMCG, please contact Mrs. N. Tuinman, secretary ([email protected]).

Etalage stages 

Sjoukje Toering | UMCG | 1-07-2013 - 18-12-2013
Manda Alons WEZ | Den Haag | 1-04-2014 - 1-10-2014
Christiaan Roosendaal | UMCG | 1-07-2014 - 1-10-2014 en 1-11-2015 - 1-04-2016
Rodi Zutt | UMCG | 1-07-2014 - 1-01-2015
Anna Postma | UMCG | 1-10-2014 - 1-01-2015
Judith van Gaalen | Radboud Nijmegen | 1-04-2016 - 1-07-2016
Anne Waelkens | UMCG | 1-04-2016 - 01-01-2017
Bianca Stelten | CWZ Nijmegen | 01-10-2016 - 01-01-2017
Rick Brandsma | UMCG | 01-01-2017 - 30-06-2017
Annebet vd Meulen | UMCG | 15-04-2017 - 01-03-2018
Marieke van Onna | UMCG | 10-07-2017 - 18-09-2017
Kiki Post | UMCG | 01-10-2017 - 01-04-2018
Laura Teune | UMCG | 18-04-2018 - 01-11-2018
Eva Kingma | UMCG | 01-07-2018 - 01-01-2019
Jaron van de Wardt | CWZ | 01-01-2020 - 14-3-2020
Omar Odish | UMCG | 01-01-2020 - 01-04-2020
Bianca Janssen | UMCG | 01-07-2020 - 01-01-2021
Wieke Eggink | UMCG | 01-01-2021 - 01-04-2021
Madelein van der Stouwe | UMCG | 01-01-2021 - 01-07-2021