Scientific Research

Genetics and fundamental research

Within the department of Movement Disorders Groningen, we do not only perform innovative clinical research, but also ground-breaking fundamental and translational research. Molecular biologists and cell biologists are connected to the group as principal investigators, doing scientific research on movement disorders in close collaboration with clinical scientists.

This research is done in the cell biology and genetics laboratories. In collaboration with the genetics department, we research new, faster diagnostic methodologies to accelerate and optimise the clinical diagnostic process.

In the fields of ataxia and dystonia, much research is being done to find new genes and unravel new pathologies. After finding new genes, we strive to deepen our knowledge through fundamental functional research.

We use animal models to study neurodegeneration mechanisms in iron storage diseases (neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation, mostly PKAN) and hereditary types of ataxia and dystonia.

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The genetics of SCA and dystonia

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