Centre of Expertise

Outpatient clinics

Because our centre focuses on movement disorders, it hosts several specialised outpatient clinics for movement disorders.

Outpatient clinic for hyperkinetic movement disorder

Professor De Koning-Tijssen has her own outpatient clinic for hyperkinetic movement disorders, where she sees patients with myoclonus (twitching), tremor and dystonia. Professor van Laar also regularly sees patients with hyperkinetic movement disorders at his outpatient clinic.

Outpatient clinic for movement disorders in children and young adults

Every other week, we run a special multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for movement disorders in children and young adults. In this outpatient clinic, a team of specialists (a neurologist, a paediatrician specialised in metabolic disorders and genetics, a geneticist and a movement disorder neurologist) see children and young adults with movement disorders. Read the team section for more information about the multidisciplinary team.

Team for movement disorders in children and young adults

Outpatient clinic for hypokinetic movement disorder

Professor Van Laar specialises in Parkinson’s disease and other hypokinetic movement disorders. In addition to professor Van Laar’s outpatient clinic, we are also involved in the Parkinson Expertise Centre in the Groningen area. Read more about this centre on the Parkinson Expertise Centre page.

Outpatient clinic for ataxia

Both professor Kremer and doctor De Vries are experts on ataxia and the neurological disorders that cause ataxia. In their outpatient clinic, they see patients with Huntington’s disease and cerebellar and spinocerebellar ataxia.

Outpatient clinic for ataxia in children

Paediatric neurologist doctor Sival specialises in ataxia in children.

Outpatient clinic for neuropsychiatry

Once a month, there is a special neuropsychiatry clinic. During this clinic, patients can consult with a team of psychiatrists and neurologists who specialise in movement disorders.