A Functional website!

A new website for patients and caregivers was launched this week by the Movement Disorders Expertise Center Groningen (website in Dutch): 

Patients with a functional movement disorder have symptoms of tremors, jerks, abnormal posturing and/or decreased strength. The condition is a disorder of the functioning of the nervous system, in which stimuli are not properly processed and movements are not properly controlled. Despite the fact that functional disorders are very common, and often cause severe limitations of daily functioning, there is relatively little attention and information available to both patients and professionals. In recent years, the Center of Expertise has conducted a great deal of research in the field of functional movement disorders. As part of that research, Dr. Jeannette Gelauff, Prof. Dr. Marina de Koning-Tijssen and Prof. Dr. Judith Rosmalen, based on the work of an international team of experts, including the world expert Prof. Dr. Jon Stone, developed a Dutch website with information and self-help advice on functional movement disorders.

This research showed, among other things, that patients have a great need for information about this disorder, which is not yet well known to the general public, and were very satisfied with this new site. Partly for this reason, the (research) website has been redesigned and further adapted and supplemented by the neurologists of the UMCG expertise center.

The website is informative for both patients and care providers. Not only can you find information about the characteristics, symptoms and diagnosis, but also extensive treatment exercises and therapeutic options are described. The website is also beautifully illustrated with images, cartoons and videos. In addition, the website is continuously updated by its creators with the latest insights and research in the field of functional movement disorders.