Book launch 'Shock and Shake' Thursday 28 October

Shock and shake (in Dutch 'Schokken en Schudden'), a book for people who move excessively.

The Centre of Expertise for Movement Disorders is pleased to invite you to the online book launch (in Dutch)! Patients and members of the Expertise Centre will talk about the topics covered in the book.

Shock and Shake is an informative book for people who move excessively, written by experts, therapists and patients. These so-called hyperkinetic movement disorders are conditions in which people suffer from involuntary movements.

Until now, books have mainly been published for patients with Parkinson's disease, but there is little information for patients with excess movement disorders.

The book discusses seven different movement disorders, describes their causes and treatments and contains many personal experiences of patients. Some of the movement disorders are rare, but some others involuntary movements such as tics and tremor are common. Examples of a superfluous movement disorder are a twisting neck (dystonia), trembling (tremor), jerking hands (myoclonus), coordination problems (ataxia), tics, chorea or a functional movement disorder. There are many different causes for each movement disorder. The book discusses both hereditary and non-hereditary causes. An important part is the paramedical and multidisciplinary treatment.

Patients often have more than one movement disorder and in this book they can find the various forms, causes, limitations, possibilities and treatments for each one. Personal stories of patients have been added, showing the influence of the movement disorder on daily life, together with personal tips.

The initiator of Shock and Shake is Prof. Dr. Marina de Koning-Tijssen. She is a neurologist at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and head of the movement disorders expertise centre.

It's important for patients to know what kind of movement disorder they have. They often have more than one and then it is difficult to find information. As a centre, we hope that we can inform patients with this book and that this will improve their care and their quality of life''.

On Thursday 28 October from 8 to 9 p.m., 'Schock and shake' will be festively launched via a live stream from the UMCG. Prior to the presentation of the first copy of the book, various speakers will talk about the content of the book.

When: Thursday 28 October from 20.00-21.00 hours

Where: the livestream can be followed via this link

Programme book launch 'Shock and Shake (or in Dutch 'Schokken en Schudden)' on 28 October (all in Dutch)

20.00-20.10 Opening and introduction by Prof. Dr. Marina de Koning-Tijssen
20.10-20.20 Genetics by Corien Verschuren-Bemelmans
20.20-20.30 Multidisciplinary work by Dr. Martje van Egmond
20.30-20.40 Patient experience by Chloë Oosterhof
20.40-21.00 Handing of the book to Chloë Oosterhof and the Dutch Brain Foundation, among others