DystoniaNet NL Symposium

Friday 25 november the third DystoniaNet Symposium was organized with the titel ‘Dystonia in the spotlight’. It was an hybrid event with 40 dystonia caregivers live in the Promedia Studio in Rotterdam en another 70 online.

During the symposium, we focused on the recognition of dystonia and diagnostics. In addition, psychologica, physiotherapy and occupational therapy options were discussed.

De following speakers gave a presentation:

  • Prof. Kailash Bhatia, neurologist from London about the clinical diagnosis and approach to dystonia.
  • Dr. Hans Koelman neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist from the Amsterdam UMC about “treatment of (botuinum-resistent) blepharospasm
  • Dr. Tjerk Lagrand, neurologist in Alrijne Hospital about the new diagnostic algorhitm in adult, focal dystonia
  • Dr. Wieke Eggink, pediatric neurologist in training at the UMCG about “Dystonia in children”
  • Drs. Marleen Tibben, psychologist, about “behavioural therapy in dystonia”
  • Dr. Joost van den Dool, physiotherapist Amsterdam UMC, about the clinical road map in dystonia
  • Dr. Horensia Gimeno, occupational therapist from London about “occupational therapy in dystonia”.

A good way to look at patients with dystonia from multiple viewpoints. The organization is currently working on making the videos of the presentations available online. You can watch them (in Dutch) at the DystoniaNet NL website.

After the break, several short pitches were given on current research and the day was ended with the presentation of several interesting cases by prof. de Koning-Tijssen, Fiorella Contarino and Hans Koelman.