Kickoff project NEMO

On Thursday, 20 September, the start of the NEMO project was celebrated at the Feithhuis in Groningen.

Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen gave a speech explaining what the research project entails. We are going to use technical applications to try and aid doctors in making movement disorders diagnoses. This will be done using 3D video cameras that are able to capture movements very accurately, amongst other things. These cameras were present to try out at the kickoff meeting.

The meeting was attended by researchers as well as people financing the project, such as a deputy and policy maker of the province Fryslân and the project manager for grants by the European Fund for Regional Development from SNN (“Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland”). From the University of Groningen a business development manager attended the event. Nearly everyone from the NEMO project team was present: they took a group picture at the UMCG before going to the kickoff meeting.