Prof. de Koning-Tijssen international function as secretary at MDS!

During the Movement Disorders Society (MDS) congress last september, Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen was appointed secretary as MDS officer at the international board 2023-2025 of the MDS!

The MDS is an international society existing of 11.000 members: doctors, researchers and health care professionals whom work with patients with movement disorders. It is the largest society worldwide in the field of movement disorders and is focused on different hyperkinetic movement disorders and Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism. Every year there is a large conference held, and many courses are organized by the MDS to receive the latest updates on diagnostics and treatment for patients with movement disorders. 

Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen will be active in the international board of the MDS the coming years and will be part of organizing the various activities. We are very proud of her and are looking forward to the coming years with her as a board member of the MDS!