Three presentations at European Academy of Neurology congress

Last week the congress of the European Academy of Neurology took place in Lisbon. Movement Disorders Groningen took the stage with three talks

On Tuesday 19th June prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen chaired a meeting on mixed movement disorders. She gave a presentation on the combination of movement disorders and ataxia. Patients with ataxia have difficulty making fluent, coordinated movements. Marina de Koning-Tijssen showed videos of several patients and the audience was invited to discuss diagnoses, including by means of a digital app.

At the meeting of the European Basal Ganglia Club, Movement Disorders Groningen was represented by dr. Marenka Smit and dr. Madelein van der Stouwe. They both presented cases of special movement disorders patients, to inform the audience about these disorders. Eminent internationoal experts provided clinical tips and comments to the videos, making it a valuable learning opportunity for the participating neurologists.