Tom de Koning member advisory board 'Stofwisselkracht'

From the first of january, Dr. T.J. de Koning will be a member of the advisory board of 'Stofwisselkracht', an organisation that promotes research and awareness about metabolic disorders.

Tom has been involved in Stichting Stofwisselkracht from early on, and was the founder of the 'Stofwisseltour' a cycling tour to raise money for research on metabolic disorders. Recently an increase in applications for funding from academic hospitals has created the need of an addition to the board. Stichting Stofwisselkracht writes on their website they are happy that Tom de Koning is willing to become this additional board member. Together with Ans van der Ploeg, pediatrician, Dr Leo Kluitmans, biochemist and prof Henk Blom, biochemist, the board now exists of two metabolic pediatricians and two metabolic biochemists. 

Tom de Koning: 'Ever since the foundation of Stofwisselkracht, I've felt strongly connected to the goals they persue. It is of the utmost importance that more research takes place in the field of rare metabolic disorders to create a better future for parents and patients. Not only on the bicycle, but also in advising on grant applications and by giving scientific advise I support Stofwisselkracht.'  

Read more about Stofwisselkracht on their website (click here).