End of a special two-year research process: the PKAN Study in the Netherlands and Belgium

Over the past two years, both Dutch and Belgian patients have participated in a two-year clinical trial of a nutritional supplement for the disease Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN).

This was an intensive research process, with a total of 12 visits per patient, spread over 2 years. Many patients were visited at home by the research team, other visits took place at special locations in Tilburg, including the local golf club and the Willem II stadium. The use of these locations was possible thanks to the board of the Kans Foundation for PKAN children and the Bonheur group.

It is heart-warming to see how close friendships developed between patients who met during these visits. This autumn the last visit took place in the Willem II stadium in Tilburg. The patients surprised the research team with cake. As a token of appreciation, they also brought a package full of treats for the researchers.

In the coming period, all collected data will be analyzed and then the results will be written down and published.