First national Dystonia-symposium big success

On the 3rd of November 2017 DystoniaNet organised the first national symposium on Dystonia.

DystonieNet is a national platform for Dystonia patients and health care professionals, initiated by the UMCG, AMC, LUMC and Radboud UMC, together with the Dystonia patient association. Health care professionals prof dr Marina de Koning-Tijssen, UMCG, dr Hans Koelman, AMC, prof dr Bob van Hilten, LUMC, drs Joost van den Dool, UMCG and HvA and Bart Visser are all part of Dystonienet. The symposium was a big succes. Many researchers and clinical experts spoke on new insights in the therapy of Dystonia. Deep brain stimulation, botulinum-toxin injections and physiotherapy were discussed, as well as quality of life and non-motor symptoms in patients with dystonia. The day ended with a lively discussion on several cases.