Great Turnout 'Congress for Movement Disorders in Children and Adolescents'

At November 22 and 23, the international Congress for Movement Disorders In Children and Adolescents was held in Groningen.

The Congress was organized in collaboration with the 'International Parkinson and Movement disorder Society' and there was a huge turnout of 145 participants from 35 countries! In the figure below, you can see which countries were represented.

During the lectures, international renowned speakers taught the audience the phenotype, underlying etiologies and treatment of movement disorders in children. Clinical clues, among others, were presented in order to make the right diagnosis and separate treatment options were discussed. It was very educational for all attendees including neurologists, pediatricians, residents and other health care professionals.  


Being the highlight of the congress, four patient demonstrations were presented by experts in the field of movement disorders. In this way, the public learned the best approach for diagnosing a child with a movement disorder; all the way from asking relevant questions to requesting additional investigations.  


Besides many highly informative lectures, there was time for a little bit of relaxation with a sip and a bite in the Academy Building offered by the Muncipality of Groningen, the province of Groningen and the University of Groningen.

It were two successful and educational days and we would like the thank all speakers and participants for their contribution!