Herman ten Brink Memorial Bike Ride

The first "Stofwisseltour" was organised in 2011 with the aim to collect donations for scientific research in the field of heritable metabolic disorders. The original cycle tour lasted 5 days, and 800 encompassed kilometers, passing all academical hospitals in the Netherlands. The founding fathers, and original cyclists, Herman ten Brink, Henk Blom and Tom de Koning, could not have dreamed that their initiatieve would become as succesful as it did: so far, the Stofwisseltours have raised more than a million euros. 

Sadly, Herman ten Brink died suddenly on October 24, 2020. In memory of Herman and his work for metabolic disease research, a special bike ride is ridden from September 8-12. With this Herman ten Brink Memorial Ride, the organisers hope to raise as much funds as possible to continue scientific research on heritable metabolic disordres. For more information and to make a donation, please visit this Stofwisselkracht page (in Dutch).