Mandema Stipend for Roald Lambrechts

Dr Roald Lambrechts is to receive the Mandema Stipend by the Junior Scientific Masteclass. This is a research grant for young and talented MD/PhD’s which enables them to combine the specialty training (neurologist) with the performance of scientific research.

During his MD/PhD trajectory, Roald Lambrechts focused on pantothenate kinase- associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) and north sea progressive myoclonus epilepsy (NS-PME), aimed at unraveling new insights by means of Drosophila models.

Through the Mandema Stipend,  Roald Lambrechts will elaborate on his previous research into NS-PME starting from 2021. He will implement the fruitfly model of NS-PME to gain a better understanding of this progressive condition.