MDS-ES School for Clinical Neurophysiology

Clinical neurophysiology is a fundamental tool to complement clinical examination of people with common and rare hyperkinetic movement disorders, which often helps to categorize the involuntary movements and reach an etiological diagnosis. March 30 till April 1st we will organize the MDS-ES School for Clinical Neurophysiology in Groningen, the Netherlands. During these days young neurologists will learn the specialized skills to accurately plan and interpret these vital but often underutilized tests.

Together with Francesca Morgante and Martje van Egmond we made a program for 40 young neurologist interested in specializing in Movement disorders and movement disorder specialists early in their career. The goal is to learn about the role of clinical neurophysiology in clinical practice from experts who routinely employ it to reach a diagnosis and optimize treatment. The course will include:
1. Lectures on the basics of electrophysiological techniques and their application in people with jerky movements, tremor and dystonia
2. Live sessions iwth patients to demonstrate assessment and how to plan electrophysiological testing
3. Hands-on sessions on neurophysiological techniques applied in patients with hyperkinetic movement disorders
4. Workshops on back-averaging, trend analysis, and coherence analysis

Participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups and learn how to plan and interpret electrophysiological testing.

For more information and application (until February 15th) click here.