North Sea Disease in South Africa!

Sa-ubona, Molweni, Lumela: in other words Dumela! This is only a taste of the greetings here in South Africa, in total there are even 10 official languages! Time flies because I have already been for a month now in this beautiful country with these many languages.

The past few weeks I became familiar with different neurology- and  genetics departments, here I could attend consults, meetings and tutorials of these various departments. Next to shadowing doctors and consultants at these departments, I am collecting data of patients with North Sea progressive myoclonus epilepsy. I collect data by means of questionnaires, available data from the medical records and also pedigree data. Furthermore I was allowed to give some presentations at the neurology departments about North Sea progressive myoclonus epilepsy and research at Movement Disorders Groningen. Wherever in the world, creating awareness for North Sea progressive myoclonus epilepsy remains important!


As diverse as the languages are, so are the landscapes. From vibrant cities with high sky scrapers to massive mountains, deserts and an endless blue sea. I enjoy being here every day and I’m very grateful I can gain these experiences. The pictures give a small impression of the diverse landscapes and the animals that I have admired here. Greetings from a sunny South Africa!


- Sjoukje Polet