PhD ceremony Gerrit Kramer and Jeannette Gelauff

On the 15th of April Gerrit Kramer and Jeannette Gelauff were going to defend their PhD thesis. In view of the regulations around the coronavirus this date unfortunately had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, a new date has been set: the 28th of October 2020!

Both Gerrit and Jeannette have performed extensive research into functional neurological conditions, with a particular focus on functional movement disorders, which offered the perfect opportunity to organize both PhD defenses on the same day. This is quite unique, since PhD theses on functional disorders are relatively scarce, and now there are even two PhD defenses about functional disorders on the same day! Moreover, international colleagues Jon Stone, Mark Edwards and Alan Carson will be present at the PhD ceremony. They are experts in the field and are closely involved in research into functional neurological disorders.

The title of the PhD thesis of Gerrit Kramer is ‘Objective and subjective movement symptoms in (functional) tremor'. The title of the PhD thesis of Jeannette Gelauff is ‘Functional motor disorders: mechanism, prognosis and treatment’.