Symposium physiotherapy for Functional Disorders

In may this year the symposium Physiotherapy for Functional Movement Disorders took place at the UMCG.

With Glenn Nielsen, specialised physiotherapist working at St-Georges Hospital London, as keynote speaker and talks of prof. de Koning-Tijssen and Prof. Rosmalen, it became an interesting morning. New insights from scientific and clinical viewpoints on treatment were discussed, as well as the background of Functional Disorders. In the afternoon several workshops could be chosen, focussed on clinical practice. They were given by Glenn Nielsen, Kate Holt, also specialised phyisotherapist at St-Georges Hospital, Matthijs Rümke, chair of the psychosomatic physiotherapy association in the Netherlands, and Maikel Siebrecht, rehabilitation doctor specialised in chronic pain treatment at the UMCG.

We were glad to find many phyisotherapists interested in this area. Experiences were exchanged as well as new ideas for treatment approaches. That is necessary, as there is still a lot to gain for patients with this often impairing disorder.