The care pathway DBS-dystonia starts off!

After a year of preparations, the care pathway DBS-Dystonia will officially start off from Saturday the 13th of February.

In a care pathway, the organization of care for an individual patient with a specific condition is drawn out. In the care pathway DBS-Dystonia , Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treatment plans are set up for patients with dystonia. A lot of health care professionals are involved in the course of DBS treatment and it is a complex treatment trajectory.  In the care pathway, it is described step-by-step when, by whom and what actions are undertaking during the DBS trajectory and what the outcomes are.

The care pathway DBS-dystonia provides  working environment within the electronic patient file and offers a lot of advantages. For example, the care of different care givers is well coordinated and work processes can take place more efficiently. This will result in a better quality of care. Moreover, in the future the care pathway will serve as a starting point for the development of care pathways for other patient groups treated with DBS, such as patients with Parkinsons Disease.