Million-euro grant received for a new research project

Movement Disorders Groningen received a grant from Samenwerkingverband Noord Nederland (a cooperation in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands) for a new research project. 

The grant is for € 948.051 and is awarded by the European Fund for Regional Development, aimed at knowledge acquisition.

The project is called NEMO, which stands for “Next Move in Movement Disoders”, and was initiated by the company ZiuZ Medical B.V. from Gorredijk and prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen’s research group. Together, we want to try and discover if and how artificial intelligence can aid the diagnoses in hyperkinetic movement disorders. ZiuZ Medical specialises in development and application of ‘visual intelligence’, including video registration: we would like to incorporate this aspect more prominently in the diagnosis of movement disorders.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver a computer aided diagnosis tool, which will improve diagnosis and evaluation of treatment effect in people with a hyperkinetic movement disorder.

The project NEMO will have an initial duration of three years and will start shortly. Click here for more information about the grant (in Dutch).