New scientific publication from DystoniaNet

Recently Marenka Smit and Marina de Koning-Tijssen had an important role in the publication of a scientific article from DystoniaNet. The title of the article is: ' Dystonia Management: What can we expect from the future? The perspectives of patients and clinicians within DystoniaNet Europe'

DystoniaNet is a European network in close collaboration with the European Reference Network for Rare Neurological Diseases (ERN-RND). The aim of this network is to improve the care and quality of life of people with dystonia. They want to do this by ensuring access to specialized care, providing additional training for medical professionals, and providing an international platform in which both clinical specialists and researchers can collaborate. 

The article discusses these goals, but also features experts in the field of dystonia, patients and caregivers. In this way, important unresolved issues and new strategies to improve care are discussed. To read the entire article click here or see attachment below.