Research on familial essential tremor

After a slight delay, and some changes to make the research compatible with all corona precautions, the first family of patients was included in the project "Essential tremor in families"! 

The Expertise Centre Movement Disorders Groningen is investigating familial essential tremor. Our goal is to establish whether certain signs and symptoms do or do not run in particular families. For instance, the age at onset of symptoms, whether a head tremor is present, the tremor frequency and the influence of alcohol consumption on the tremor. The information gathered in this research project can add to the understanding of this disease en can aid the search for the underlying genetic cause (in DNA). With this knowledge, patients can be informed more accurately about the disease process for them and their families. 

Currently, we are looking for families with essential tremor. If you want to read more about the project or find out whether you could participate, please have a look here (in Dutch) or contact the team here