The 'stiff-person' syndrome en an RTL4 interview

On Thursday 8 December, after a successful first-edition science day of the Neurology department, prof. de Koning-Tijssen was interviewed by RTL4 about Celine Dion's recently diagnosed stiff person syndrome.

Stiff person syndrome is a rare disease about which Prof. de Koning-Tijssen already wrote an article in 2003 together with other colleagues. Click here to read this Dutch article.

Patients often present with pain and stiffness of the legs and lower back, which is more or less continuous. In addition, there are attacks of very painful spasms that are painful and aggravate the stiffness. This is often triggered by stimuli, in particular by startle reactions.

There are centers of expertise in the Netherlands for rare diseases. In recent years, we have seen several patients with stiff person syndrome in the center of expertise for rare movement disorders at the UMCG, which means that knowledge and experience with the treatment are increasing.

For the Dutch interview of Prof. de Koning-Tijssen with RTL4 click here.