Tremor episode in the Neurology Podcast

Our neurology resident and researcher Dr. Madelein van der Stouwe recently participated in the Neurology Podcast, presented by Dr. Jeffrey Ratliff. The podcast is produced by the American Academy of Neurology and has thousands of listeners across the globe. The topic of the interview was her review “Systematic clinical approach for diagnosing upper limb tremor” that was published last May in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

The article describes a stepwise approach to the diagnosing tremor, like a road map guiding through the long list of possible causes for tremor. This approach can help clinicians to take a structured approach to diagnosing tremor, while preventing unnecessary anxillary testing.

The podcast, in which the most important pointers for tremor diagnosis are discussed, can be listened to here.