Visit from a Slovak colleague

Our department regularly hosts foreign neurologists or neurologists in training for a number of weeks, months and sometimes even a year. During these visits there is the opportunity to gain a lot of clinical experience in a short time with movement disorders and dystonia in particular. Last week we welcomed a colleague from Slovakia in Groningen. She will take a look at the outpatient clinics of prof. de Koning-Tijssen and thus gain a broad picture of the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. She will also participate in the (English) video discussion and the movement disorders science meeting.

Tatiana Svoreňová is a second-year doctoral student at the Faculty of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia and a medical doctor at Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice. Her research is focused on the neurophysiology of extrapyramidal neurological diseases at the Department of Neurology.

"Her post-doctoral thesis is concentrated on the therapeutic effect of Deep Brain Stimulation of patients with dystonia caused by VPS16 gene mutation. It is a retrospective study which includes an analysis of twenty patients from six international movement disorders centres around Europe.
During university, I was a member of the Translational Medicine and international neuroscience team for Alzheimer ́s disease in Brno, Czech Republic and spent some time at the Neurology department in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the project Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease.  Also, in that time I worked for three years under supervision of assoc. Prof. Matej Škorvánek PhD in Slovakia, on the project called Genetics of Parkinson’s disease.

 I would like to learn neurophysiology methods of hyperkinetic movement disorders here in Groningen for next 5 months which I will spent here, but I open to learn any kind of skills related to these topics."

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