Book launch 'Shock and Shake'

Thursday evening 28 October the book 'Shock and Shake (in dutch Schokken en Schudden)' was launched! More than 150 people attended the launch, live in the van Swinderenhuys or via the livestream. 'Schokken en schudden' is an informative book for people who move excessively, written by experts, therapists and patients. These so-called hyperkinetic movement disorders are conditions in which people suffer from involuntary movements.


During the launch, a patient talked about her experiences with having a movement disorder and especially how it affects her daily life. In addition, Corien Verschuuren-Bemelmans and Martje van Egmond spoke about genetics and multidisciplinary working in the DBS treatment for dystonia, respectively. These presentations are also part of the book which contains information about movement disorders, causes, treatments and experiences of hyperkinetic movement disorders.

The initiator of 'Schokken en schudden' is Prof. Dr. Marina de Koning-Tijssen. She is a neurologist at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and head of the Movement Disorders Expertise Centre. Sterre van der Veen and Dr Inge Tuitert did a lot of work and wrote the patient interviews. Many staff members of the Expertise Centre contributed to this book, as did several practitioners from outside the Expertise Centre.

It is important for patients to know what kind of movement disorder they have. They often have more than one and then it is difficult to find information. As a centre, we hope that we can inform patients with this book and that this will improve their care and quality of life.

If you want to buy the book, you can do so in any bookstore, or you can order it through some patient associations.