New diagnostic algorithm for paediatric movement disorders

Over the last 8 years several PhD students focussed their research on the clinical aspects of rare movement disorders in both children and adults in our expertise centre Movement Disorders Groningen. In this paper many of them ocntributed with their specific expertise, to guide pediatricians and pediatric neurologists towards the diagnosis in children with movement disorders.

In recent years the imporatnce of recognizing paediatric movement disorders has becom increasingly clear. Distinguishing movment disorders in children can be quite difficult because of mixed phenotypes. This article presents a step-by-step approach to make it easier to diagnose children with a potential movement disorder. The first steps of the approach focus on the clinical features of the movement disorder, after which tools are provided for any diagnostics to be used.

As mentioned before a lot of researchers from the expertise centre Movement Disorders Groningen contributed to this article: Marina de Koning-Tijssen, Martje van Egmond, Wieke Eggink, Jeanette Gelauff, Lisette Koens, Tom de Koning, Deborah Sival, Madelein Van der Stouwe, Sterre Van der Veen and Rodi Zutt.