Successful international clinical neurophysiology school

Movement Disorders Groningen organised an international school from 30th March to 1st April. This school was designed especially for neurologist who wanted to learn more about how to use clinical neurophysiological techniques to diagnose patients with movement disorders. Forty neurologists from all over Europe visited the University Medical Center Groningen to improve their knowledge and skills. The school was organised with the International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society.

During these three days, lectures were given by prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen, dr. Martje van Egmond, and dr. Madelein van der Stouwe from Groningen, dr. Fleur van Rootselaar and dr. Hans Koelman from Amsterdam and Dr. Anke Snijders from Nijmegen. Renowned international movement disorders experts also gave talks, such as prof. Francesca Morgante, dr. Tereza Serranová, prof. Michele Tinnazi and prof. Mark Edwards. Each day was centred around a different movement disorder, either myoclonus, tremor or dystonia.

To bring theory in to practise, the afternoons were spent in hands-on sessions, where patients helped us to demonstrate the different techniques, and in workshops where more advanced analysis techniques could be practised.

In the evening, participants and faculty members spent time together over drinks, dinner and a pub quiz, to get to know each other and the lovely city of Groningen.

We look back on three very successful days, where both we and the participants have learnt a lot. Special thanks are in order for the clinical neurophysiology technicians and the patients, thanks to whom the school could be truly practical.